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We at AIDM are passionate about one thing: Helping Australians create location free, future-proof and secure online income by working as a certified Digital Marketer.

We understand that, although this course has helped hundreds of our students create thriving careers in marketing, it is not always easy to invest time and resources into a course when there is so much else on our plate.

That's why each quarter, we have decided to reward 5 applicants with Subsidised Scholarships into our course, hugely reducing pricing and allowing students to take on this amazing information without putting themselves under financial stress to do so.

The requirements are simple...

We're looking for people who will work hard, engage in the community, and really apply themselves to this incredible opportunity.

In exchange, we are able to create incredible testimonials to help us change more people's lives in the future.

If you believe you could be a good candidate for a Subsidised Scholarship, click below to talk to our team today!

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